Domain Services

We are able to register a vast number of International and Namibian Domains.

E-Mails Services

Do you need a professional E-mail service with a 99% up time?

Website Design

We provide professional Website Design and Hosting Services for Individual and Businesses.

Professional IT Support

Are you in need for a professional IT Engineer to help you with your Computer or Server? We have the necessary skills to help you.

Software Solutions

We have partnered with many International Organization to provide you with all your Software needs. May it be in the Cloud or  On-Premise, we can help you.

Security Services

With cyber-crime being on the rise, we make sure you are protected. We provide Anti-Virus, Firewalls & Security Solutions to put you at ease.

Office & Home Computers

We are able to provide you with the latest in Office and Home Computer Hardware.

Gaming Computers

For the Gaming Enthusiast, everything that you need. From Gaming Rigs, Peripherals and Headphones. We have it all.

Server & Backup Solutions

Is your Business expanding or do you need to make sure your Data is backed up? We can help protect your Business.

POS Solutions

Do you need a professional POS system? We have partnered with Industry Leaders to provide you with the best.

Printers & Cartridges

We can help you with all your Printing needs. May it be Printers or Cartridges, we can help.

CCTV Solutions

We provide the latest in CCTV Products and Services for your Business or Home, to keep your

Property safe